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Lord of Lord and King of Kings

As Pastor Stoos prepares to tackle some of the tough question about civil governments that can be raised by the actions of Joseph in Egypt, he first reviews how we should understand the Lordship of Jesus and its impact on all areas of our lives included the civil realm.

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Joseph is Given Power

Pastor Stoos draws some important lessons about our finances and other material blessings from this account about Joseph’s rise to power and the coming trouble for Egypt.
And as always, there are many ways to see Jesus here in the Old Testament!

The 8th Day Circumcision of Jesus

Pastor Stoos reviews the importance of the circumcision of Jesus as God with us in the flesh and shows why our calendars fix that 8th Day as the New Year as a sign of the New Creation.
He also uses this opportunity to encourage the Saints to meditate on Psalm 51 as a guide for the new year.

The Promises of Christmas : Seven Messages That Bring Hope to a Fallen World

Pastor Stoos takes the opportunity on Christmas Sunday to relate how the Apostle John gives us details about the Advent of Jesus in the opening of his Gospel Account. As he does we work through the seven messages that are brought to God’s people at the Incarnation of Jesus and how they show the fulfillment of all of God’s promises to His people bringing peace and joy to the earth!

God Comforts His People : How God Fills Our Valleys and Levels Our Mountains

Pastor Stoos follows the great example of Handel in his classic Messiah by showing the importance of the prophecies of Isaiah when it come to the Christmas accounts!
Jesus has come to save His people from their sins and that includes the God-bearer Mary. What is revealed about Mary provided great lessons for us all with regard to how we are to confess sin and walk humbly before our God.